theism verse atheism

Here is my problem with the naturalistic explanation of the universe.

Even if Evolution, the Big Bang, and the whole scheme of the naturalistic explanation for the origin of the universe is correct, it still only gets you so far. If all the matter that exists in the universe today, existed in an infinitely tiny point from which it exploded and processes occurred by which it developed into everything that exists today, how did that infinitely tiny point get there to begin with?

Even now with all the diversity and advanced complexities that exist in the universe today, the universe does not have the ability to make itself. While Christians hold to the preexistence of God, atheists hold to the preexistence of all mater. So which is more likely: the preexistence of a supreme being who by definition does have in Himself the ability to exist without cause, or the preexistence of all matter in the universe by pure chance?

Let’s make it a fair fight. Lest say that the likelihood of there being something verse the likelihood of there being nothing is a 50/50 chance. But there is not just one thing in the universe, there are many things. Let’s take all matter at its most base level: the periodical table lists 118 known elements.

This means there is a 118th of a 50% chance that all the matter that exists in the universe simply exists by pure chance, verse the chance that nothing exists. That is a 0.423728813559322 percent chance that the matter that exists in the universe exists without cause.

One might contend that a 50/50 chance is not supported by any reason. That the chance of something existing is greater than the chances that nothing exists. Well, for the sake of argument, I will concede the possibility. Let’s make the terms completely favor the atheist. Let’s say it is 100% more likely that something exists than the likelihood that nothing exists. We still need to account for the existence of 118 known elements. So we have a 118th of 100 percent. That makes it a 0.8474576271186441 percent chance that all the matter that exists in the universe, exists without any cause.

Further, 0.8474576271186441 is only the best case scenario that the base elements of the universe exist by pure chance. This does not account for the probability of those elements evolving into all the things that exist in the universe today by pure chance.

What then is the likelihood that God exists? The likelihood of a superior being who is the cause of all things is the exact antithesis of the likelihood that all things came to be by pure chance. That is, at worst 99.15254237288136%.