About Derrick

Strictly speaking this page is not about theology, so it is breaking the number one rule of askderricktheology.com. Nevertheless, the site is askderricktheology.com, not simple asktheology.com, so a page sharing a little about Derrick’s theological credentials and methodology is appropriate.

Derrick commenced theological studies in 2006.  Derrick has completed a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Arts in Theology (a course work degree), and is now studying the Master of Theology (research). All through the Australian College of Theology.

Derrick wrote, among many other papers, a research paper on the main theological themes of Leviticus in his B.Th., a research paper on how the prayer in Ephesians 3:14-19 contributes to the rhetoric of the letter in his M.A.Theol., and the topic for his M.Th. thesis is what the phrase faith working through love in Gal 5:6 means, and how it advance the argument of the letter.

Derrick’s theological methodology is best described as a systematized biblical theology informed by historical critical investigation and insights from rhetorical and epistolary criticism, with an experiential element that Derrick likes to call doing theology in conversation with God.

Derrick’s research interests include mainly Pauline literature, Petrine literature, Mathew, Luke-Acts, Pentateuch, Justification, Sanctification, and Pneumatology. But as you will see when you explore this site, Derrick is quite interested in all the biblical books and any theological question.