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Welcome to askderricktheology.com, a blog for discussing theology with Derrick. This site is strictly for theological discussion; If you want to invite Derrick to dinner or to comment on his new hair cut, please do so via another avenue.

On this site you will find copies of papers Derrick has written, discussions on different theological questions, and various theological resources. What you will not find on this site is any church politics (or politics of any kind), posts about what Derrick had for breakfast, and, in summary, anything other than theology.

If you are here to ask Derrick a theological question, then the forums are the place for you: just click on this forums link,  open a new topic, and post your question. Derrick will respond as soon as possible, and probably move the discussion to an appropriate category within the forums.

Looking for a paper on a theological topic, audio of a sermon, or help answering a tough apologetic question? Then try searching the categories.

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